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Newest Additions (last update: 3 January 2010)

Finally, an update!

I had not found the time to update this website for almost a year. I was too busy making photos! I had so many new images (about 180) that I have divided them up into subsections.

I hope that you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoy making them.



Black and White



Other Fauna

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Miscellaneous Images


Black and White


I have been experimenting with "alternative processes"; mainly cyanotype and gum printing. This gallery contains the first of these efforts that I am willing to "go public" with". The cyanotype was invented in 1842; "google it" to find out more!

In July/August 2005, Joan and I spent two weeks in Alaska visiting the Kenai Peninsula and Central Alaska as far north as Denali National Park. Here are some of the resulting photos.

Barren Lands Canoe Trip

Joan and I spent the last two weeks of August 2007 canoeing in the Barren Lands of the Northwest Territories in Canada with an interesting group of eight fellow travelers. The Barren Lands are the largest wilderness area remaining in North America. The only signs of other people we say for thirteen days were a single contrail at high altitude and some abandoned trappers gear (a wood stove for heating a tent and some old traps). We had a wonderful time! The link (to the right will take you to a slide show featuring some of the photographs I made on the tip.

Anderson Gallery Exhibition

In September 2007, I had a "one man show" at the Anderson Gallery on the Bridgewater State College campus. The exhibit, titled "Frank Gorga: Recent Photographs and Cyanotypes" consists of twenty three photographs (a mix of color and black and white) and seven cyanotypes. Please click on the link to the left to see a web version of this exhibit.

Published Work

  • Bridgewater Review, June 2005 (4 photos, inside front and back cover)
  • Dartmouth Medicine, Fall 2007 (1 photo in The Art Of Medicine feature)
  • Bridgewater Review, June 2008 (4 photos, inside front and back cover)
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